Wanna buy some wood?

The process of making custom furniture creates scraps. A lot of them. It's a big problem for all furniture shops. The wood costs money, so we save what we can safely machine for other projects. That leaves a second cull of smaller scraps perfect for scroll saw work, small turnings, carvings, small projects etc. As long as I continue to make furniture, I'll have scrap to sell.

I've got a good mix of walnut, cherry, white oak, ash, maple etc. Mostly hardwoods, in thicknesses of 1/2" up to 3", including square stock perfect for turning.

As I can't afford to take the time to sell my stock of scrap one piece at a time, I need to sell it by the bin. So, bring a bin, load it up, and I'll give you a great price. I'm what you'd call a "motivated" seller. Contact me for my address.

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