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  • If you need to send an image, please upload it to any image hosting service and provide a link.
  • TCF does not copy furniture, unless there is no copyright. We can of course be inspired by a piece.
  • TCF does not refinish, but can recommend a good refinishing shop.
  • TCF is not a large production facility, intentionally. It is made up of Doug Turner, owner, designer, builder and everything else, and part-time and full time employees, when I can find anyone with sufficient skill. 
  • TCF works with clients all over the country.
  • TCF are builders of high-end residential and sometimes commercial furniture. We do not build kitchens, bathrooms or other primarily plywood pieces.
  • In the vast majority of cases, TCF builds in 100% solid wood. Even drawer bottoms and cabinet backs.
  • TCF takes the time required to do fine work. We never rush anything.
  • We often have several pieces under way at any given time, and we place work on the production schedule as deposits are received. 
  • We do not deliver work or arrange shipping, as there are too many variables. We can recommend a local delivery company.