In order to give clients a price for a piece of furniture, I need to work from a finished design. As most of my clients don't have a finished design, I generally offer an estimated price or price range as a first step, just to see if my price is within my client's budget for the project. If so, I ask for a design deposit, which is typically $300 for residential furniture. This isn't an additional cost; it's incremental billing, and pays me for my design time. The design deposit is non-refundable. As soon a I receive the design deposit, I begin work on the design, and email drawings to my clients for approval. I generally get pretty close in my preliminary drawings, based on conversations via email, text or phone. This process continues until my client is happy with the completed design.  At this point, I'll provide a final price for the project, which will not come as a shock. I keep the budget in mind as I work, and will let clients know if an option will increase or decrease the price of the piece - adding a drawer for example, or curving the front of a dresser. If the final price is acceptable, I'll invoice my client for the job through Quickbooks. I ask for a 50% deposit (less the design deposit paid), then 50% on completion. As the piece is built, I keep clients up to date through a client Portal Page, which has all of the details of the job in one place. When I've completed the job, I will send a set of high resolution photos for approval before delivery is arranged. Clients are of course welcome to come to my shop at any time. Please schedule an appointment.

Example Client Portal Page

I password protect client portal pages. The above sample does not have a password. It will open in a new window, so you won't lose your place here.