Solid Wood Table Tops, Shelves, Dimensional & Rough Lumber

TCF offers a variety of unfinished or finished wooden components in most any shape or size. As this is a fairly new offering, we are in the process of establishing standard prices and sizes, finishes and edge treatments. For the moment, simply provide the details of your project and request a quote using the form provided. We do have plenty of wood scraps available by the piece or the bin, but you'll need to pick through the stock yourself. Wood scraps are generally sold at cost. More information is available here.

Table Tops & Island Counters

  • Available in any shape or size, rectangular, square or circular. Thicknesses up to 3-3/4" available.
  • Available in many species of wood.
  • Bread-board ends available.
  • Distressing and hand-planed tops available.

Shelves & Brackets

  • Shelves are available in thicknesses up to 2-3/4", widths up to 13" and lengths up to just under 12'.
  • Available in many species of wood.
  • Curved fronts available. Ask for assistance with this.
  • Many edge treatments available (samples coming soon).
  • Standard bracket designs coming soon.

Shaped Wood

Need an odd shape? TCF can help. 

  • Curves and compound curves, angles etc.


I am not a millwork shop, so I can't provide you with a house full of walnut crown moulding. I can create small runs of specific decorative mouldings for use on furniture and smaller, non-architectural projects. Standard profiles will be available for purchase soon. For the moment, ask for assistance.

Dimensional Lumber 

Tired of home center wood? TCF can help. 

  • Available in any shape or size.
  • Square beams or blanks up to 7-7/8" square.
  • Available in many species of wood.
  • $100 minimum order.
  • Available un-sanded.
  • Some pieces will be glued up, depending on the width, thickness, species, knots, splits and checks to be removed etc.

Rough Lumber

  • Rough lumber will come straight from the lumber dealer, and is sold as is. Please ask for advice on selecting a grade. Lower grades are less expensive, but contain more defects, which are often desirable in my opinion. Rough lumber is sold by the board foot. Read a quick article on board foot calculations here. Ask for help determining the quantity. Precise orders are not available. If you order 100 board feet, the lumber dealer will ship at least 100 board feet and often a few more board feet, as they do not cut boards. Pick up available in Rex, GA. A minimum order of $500 is required, and a 75% deposit must be paid before the order is placed. Delivery usually takes 2-3 days. I'll help you load it.

Decorative Panels

TCF can make a variety of decorative panels. More information on this is coming soon, but think textures, distress and ornate cut out patterns in a variety of shapes.



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